Videos - WFFA Educational Meetings

EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS at Chapter Meetings and Online

Reforesting with Redwoods. Presented by Philip Stielstra and Terry Lamers to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, May 21, 2024. 45 minutes.

Overview of Proposed Chehalis River Flood Damage Reduction Project. Presented by J Vander Stoep to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, April 16, 2024.

Dam Right?  Dam Wrong? Unlocking the Mysteries of the Proposed Chehalis River Dam. Presented by Vince Panesko to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, January 16, 2024.

Carbon, Climate and our Forests.  Presented by Dr. Elaine Oneil, WFFA Executive Director.  Originally presented to Whatcom Farm Forestry Association, November 30, 2023.  This recording was of a presentation for The Stump, a podcast, on December 8, 2023.

Learning about poles - a brief introduction.  Presented by Steve Knight to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, October 14, 2023. 40 min.

Common tree diseases in western Washington forests.  Presented by Dan Omdal to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, April 11, 2023. 1 hour.

Washington Ag/Forestry Class 42 trip to Puerto Rico.  Presented by Colton Cooley to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, February 21, 2023.

Forest insects in western Washington. Presented by Glenn Kohler to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association, January 17, 2023.  Slides only (no audio) but slides have explanations and you can see presenter's notes by clicking on chat box icon in upper left corner of slide.

Pacific Northwest Bigleaf Maple Conference & Festival,  Presented by WFFA, University of Washington, Washington State University, and Oregon State University on May 12-14, 2022.

What's happening in the Lewis County Conservation District?  Presented to Lewis County Farm Forestry Association on March 15, 2022, by Kelly Verd and Kenna Fosnacht.

Current carbon opportunities (2022). A webinar presented to Washington Farm Forestry Association members on January 19, 2022, by John Henrikson and Ann Stinson.  1 hour, 30 minutes. Identifies some of the various carbon programs, focusing on ones of most interest to small forest landowners.

Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP) and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). A webinar presented to Washington Farm Forestry Association members on January 11, 2022, by Keith Griswold and Misty Seabolt of the Natural Resources Conservation Service. 1 hour.  For additional information, visit the web sites for EQIP and CSP. The presentation slides without audio are also available here for EQIP and CSP.

Make your voice heard during the legislative process, by Heather Hansen

Learn about FREP (Forest Riparian Easement Program), by Washington DNR Staff

Site preparation for successful regeneration, by Dick Hopkins

Figured maple: Finding, understanding, and growing "gold" in the woods, by John Keller

Field trials of the addition of potassium to Douglas-fir seedlings associated with laminated root rot, by Dick Hopkins

Capturing wildlife on camera at the Nourse Tree Farm and some things I learned along the way, by David New.

An overview of silviculture's effect on elk habitat: Relationships among elk habitat, productivity and disease by Kyle Garrison.

Bugs & Crud at Rafter Seven Ranch by Patti Playfair, Randy Burke, and Melissa Fischer (DNR Forest Entomologist)

Tree farm roads: Managing your second largest investment by Nick Somero.

Who will buy my oversized logs? by Rich Nelson

Riparian Management Alternatives for Forests Under Fire: An Alternative Approach to No-Touch Buffers, by Elaine Oneil

Where should I plant red alder?, by Connie Harrington

The future of commercial wood production by Mike Warjone