Dan Kingsbury

The Kingsbury's Five Springs Tree Farm was purchased in 1955 by John Kingsbury, and is now managed by his sons, Daniel and Doug, and their families. With a strong family ties to the tree farm, each member of the family is actively involved with management and future objectives. Over the years the tree farm has been very active both in the community and on the land. In 2017 they were named Washington State Tree Farmer of the Year.  This short video was prepared as part of their nomination.Kingsburys

The management of the 100-acre tree farm is holistic and sustainable. Their primary objectives are timber, firewood, and special forest products for income. To manage their forestland, they utilize the full range of silviculture techniques to provide an income over time. Currently they are dealing with issues involving root rot in some areas and are removing infected trees and planting alternate species such as western white pine. As WLCA-certified loggers, they are skilled at minimizing overall impact to the land during the harvest process and can sort logs during harvest to allow for maximizing economic return.

They also recognize special forest products opportunities and are working with local pickers to sustainably removing products, such as salal and evergreen huckleberry. They also have a small Christmas tree operation.

Skidder with logsThe Kingsbury also have the goal of providing a healthy forest that promotes recreation and wildlife opportunities important to both the family and neighbors who live in the area. They allow neighbors and family to participate in low-impact forms of recreation, such as hiking or bird watching, on their property.

They are members of the Olympic Chapter of Washington Farm Forestry, National Woodlands Owners’ Association, NW Christmas Tree Association, and the Puget Sound Christmas Tree Association.