Tour of the St. Urban Experiment Station

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 5:30pm

Rescheduled from August

Lewis Chapter

Twilight Tour of St. Urban Experiment Station

Who:           Vince Panesko                

When:         August 15, 2023     6:30 pm

Where:       Winlock area

The property has been in Vince’s family for over 100 years.  He has owned it for 40 years, but lives outside the area so has only actively managed it for the last 4 years.

It is located on the divide between the Cowlitz River drainage and the Chehalis River drainage, and the soil is poorly drained clay that is wet in the winter and dries to rock hard in summer.  It has been a struggle to get seedlings to survive after harvest.  Tour attendees will view a 19-acre clearcut, 17-acre stand of uneven-aged timber to be logged or thinned soon, and 3-acre cedar plantation in abandoned hayfield.  Vince’s career was as a scientist who performed experiments, and he considers everything he has done on the property an experiment.  At each site he will describe the management decisions that have been made and give others the opportunity to make comments based on their own experiences.


  • Take Exit 68 on I-5 and go west on the Avery Road 0.5 mile to a blinking red light (4-way stop.)
  • Turn left on the North Military Road and go south 1 mile to the Antrim Road.
  • Turn left on the Antrim Road and go east 0.5 mile almost to the end of the road next to the I-5 freeway.
  • Turn left through two double red gates into the tree farm.
  • Parking is on a 5 acre hayfield just inside the red gates.
  • 704 Antrim Rd. Is the closest street address.  That address is the farm on the south side of the road, our gates and property are on the north side.

Since there will be a second stop 0.4 miles into the woods, those visitors with extra room will be directed to line up on the rocked road into the woods while others can park their cars in the hay field.  A restroom will be available at the second stop.