Olympic Chapter

NEXT MEETING: July 16, 11:30 - 2:30

A picnic in your future??
Save the date for our Olympic Chapter WFFA potluck picnic at Sam and Joy Comstock’s house and tree farm on July 16th at 11:30-2:30.  It’s always both fun and instructive to meet with our fellow tree growers to exchange ideas and ask questions about our tree farm concerns. More information will be sent in July.
On June 4th, we had a great tour of Dave Robbins' Alder Patch Tree Farm. Not only did we learn a lot about creating a tree farm out of a random bunch of alder, but what has worked and what didn’t. Questions were raised about all sorts of interests, including raising alder at sea level versus a higher elevation, and planning for wildlife enhancement. Some of us topped off the event with a gourmet lunch at Fat Smitty’s!




For information on future meetings, contact the President at olympic@wafarmforestry.com.


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President:    Dick Alescio

Vice President:    Dan Kingsbury

Sec/Treasurer:    Vivian Chesterley

Past President:    Sam Comstock

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If you have any questions, call Dick Alescio at 206-265-1495 or Sam Comstock at 360-490-0518 or olympic@wafarmforestry.com.