Pierce Chapter

Pierce County Chapter, WFFA Spring Field Trip and Meeting

Saturday, April 15

9:15 - 9:30: Arrival at the Steve and Kay’s Cedar Farm.  Coffee.

9:30: Show and tell time!  Steve and Kay's Cedar Farm, near Kapowsin, is a great example of how co-planting cedar and spruce works.  Within close walking distance, you can see every phase of the seedling process: young seedlings protected by spruce, by nets, and by both; older seedlings still growing with their 2014 partner; and several trees that were planted in 2014 and have now been set free to grow on their own.  A major discussion topic is when and how to cut out the spruce.  Bring your experience!  Steve wrote a paper a few years ago explaining the process and will have copies for those interested.  

And then drive to the Coburg Tree Farm, east of Eatonville.

10:30 Last car leaves the Cedar Farm.

10:45 - 11:00: Arrival at Coburg.  Coffee and banana bread.  Outhouse.

11:00: Show and tell time at the Coburg Tree Farm.  See the Townsend’s trial of using the same concept of pair planting spruce but with Douglas-fir.  The Townsend’s have 10 acres of Douglas-fir projected by nets and 10 acres of Douglas-fir protected by spruce, all planted in 2019.  Which unit will do better?  Kevin Zobrist at WSU Extension plans to document the experiment. Walk on logging road for about 1.0 miles, round trip.  Transportation will be available for those who need it.

12:30 - 1:00:  Lunch in the cabin.  Hot fixings by the Townsends; guests can bring a salad or dessert.

1:00 - 2:00:  Pierce County Chapter Meeting.  (Dick and Paula Hopkins)

2:00: Have a safe drive home.

Participants can do either the Cedar Farm or Coburg or both.

Driving Directions to the Cedar Farm:

Access Highway 161 (Meridian) and travel north or south to 288th.

Travel east on 288th from Highway 161 (Meridian Avenue) for 2.7 miles.

Turn left and follow the Orting-Kapowsin road north for 0.2 mile.

Turn left onto 284th and drive west for 0.4 mile to the entrance to the property.

Pass through the yellow gate at the intersection of 284th Street E. and 138th Avenue E.

If you prefer an address for your GPS, use 28310 138th Ave E, Graham, WA 98338

 Driving Directions to Coburg Tree Farm:

Drive east on Scott Turner Road East from the Alder Cutoff Road about 4.0 miles.  You will see a Coburg Tree Farm sign and an American Tree Farm Sign on the left, park 100 yard further on the right.  

If you prefer an address for your GPS, use 17790 Scott Turner Road East.

Please RSVP to Dave Townsend, Past President, at townsenddw@comcast.net

Dave Townsend’s cell phone: 425-503-4921


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President:    Paula & Dick Hopkins

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Secretary:    Rick Pabst

Treasurer:    Bob Loiselle

Past President:    Dave Townsend

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Director:    Kay Townsend

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